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About Clatworthy

Clatworthy is a rural parish comprising a small village of 13 houses, a number of small farms and a few outlying cottages, mostly around Ralegh's Cross; there are around 100 people on the electoral register. It is also one of the most welcoming villages in the Brendon Hills (and probably in Somerset!) with a mix of long time residents and newcomers of all ages and backgrounds, who appreciate, and benefit from, everything this community and the surrounding countryside can offer.

The earliest known remains in Clatworthy are of the hill fort, situated near the reservoir, of whch little is known, but there is also a suggestion of glass manufacture, possibly Roman. Clatworthy has probably been inhabited since early times and is mentioned in the Domesday book as a small community, not dissimilar in size to today's parish. Much more information was recorded when the parish became part of the Carew family lands in the 18th century when detailed maps of the farms in the parish were drawn and their rental values calculated.

Well known locally for the reservoir which was constructed by the local district council in the 1950's, Clatworthy is also surrounded by some of the best scenery in the Brendon Hills. Its location, away from any major towns and accessible only along small country lanes, makes it a haven of peace in today's busy world.